PRESS RELEASE Volunteers collecting waste in 6 countries and on 3 continents (Sep 13)


This weekend there will be large-scale volunteer actions taking place in 6 different countries. These cleanups are part of a global grass-root action World Cleanup 2012, aimed to unite the society in participating countries to fight illegal dumping problem and lack of awareness about protecting the environment. On 15th of September the cleanups are taking place in Belarus, Russia, Philippines, Armenia and Nigeria. On 16th of September, volunteers in Malaysia are coming out to sweep their country clean.

Presentation to the community on March 3rd at 1pm (Feb 15)

Time/Date:  The presentation will take place on Saturday, March 3rd at 1pm.  
Place: George Mason University, in Fairfax, VA       
            School of Art Building, Room L1005

Come and hear what Let's Do It! VA has been up to, and sign up to get involved. There are a lot of different activities you can help with, such as mapping waste locations, logistical organization, advocacy, social media, or even being a part of the cleanup day! 

Hear the conversation and get involved! All are welcomed.

Please RSVP to [email protected] so we can find out how many people to expect.

If you have any questions you can send them to [email protected]

Fairfax Times Article: Mason student maps illegal dumpsites throughout Fairfax County (Feb 11)

See Original Article at the Fairfax Times

Number of reported incidents only tip of the iceberg, county official says

When Olivier Giron took a trip to Peru’s Machu Picchu — known as “The Lost City of the Incas” — in 2010, it changed his life.

At an elevation of nearly 8,000 feet, the ancient city had a modern surprise in store for Giron. Hundreds of large, plastic bags full of garbage had been illegally dumped there.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Giron, 28, of Burke. “Here I was at the top of the world at one of its seven wonders, and there was an illegal dumpsite.”

Giron, who speaks Spanish fluently, asked about the origin of the red bags. He said he was told they were from a nearby village that could not keep up with the trash left by the thousands of tourists coming through the area to visit the ancient attraction.

“It really made me think,” Giron said. “If this kind of thing happens here, what must it be like back at home?”

When he returned to Burke, he decided to find out.

Joan Marc Simon: Waste is a resource! (Feb 07)

Joan Marc Simon, one of the engines behind Zero Waste movement, had an inspiring speech at Let's Do It! World Cleanup 2012 conference in Tallinn. We asked him to share the philosophy behind Zero Waste movement and talk about the possibilities to turn waste management into resource management.

Illegal dumping is a huge problem in Annandale parks (Feb 02)

By Elizabeth Kirchner

A drippy stack of soiled mattresses, spackle buckets brimming with larvae, dented metal drums seeping something you can smell. A mound of rotting baby clothes. This is what you’ll find in the maple and oak forests along Accotink Creek.

This stream valley is one of the finest wildlife corridors in Fairfax County, home to deer and fox. There are trout in the water and joggers on the Cross County Trail, but for people with a truck bed piled with rolls of cheap carpet and used tires—and no means or inclination to find legal disposal—the remote woods along Accotink Creek are just a place to dump their trash.

Press Release Jan 15th; World Cleanup 2012 initiators: The main obstacle is low awareness (Jan 19)

Press Release, 15th of January, 2012

Civic action leaders from more than 40 countries gathered at the Let's Do It! World Cleanup 2012 conference in Tallinn this week. The main goal was to gear up for the joint cleanup actions taking place in 82 different countries this year.

Press Release Jan 10th; Let's Do It!: Movement for activating communities to take the lead (Jan 11)

Press Release, 10th of January, 2012

Let's Do It! movement, which is bringing together more than 80 countries in a World Cleanup 2012 action this year, is activating a global network of civic leaders, scientists and experts to gather the most efficient and sustainable solutions for waste handling, production and product design, applicable for communities and enterprises worldwide.

Let's Do it! VA in NYC on Dec. 14th; Presentation at the United Nations (Dec 10)

Representatives from Let's Do It World along with Let's Do It Virginia will be making a presentation to the U.N. to try and get there support. 

International Coastal Cleanup (Oct 31)

Students from Lake Braddock High School helping cleanup