Press Release Jan 15th; World Cleanup 2012 initiators: The main obstacle is low awareness (Jan 19)

Press Release, 15th of January, 2012

Civic action leaders from more than 40 countries gathered at the Let's Do It! World Cleanup 2012 conference in Tallinn this week. The main goal was to gear up for the joint cleanup actions taking place in 82 different countries this year.

In addition to sharing their experiences of already held cleanup actions, the activists held various workshops to share and come up with practical solutions on how to reduce the amount of waste and build up more sustainably functioning communities.

For instance, Lebanon activists, from organisation Greenocratic, introduced their waste cleaning ship which will be used for gathering up the plastic waste from seas. Many teams emphasized the idea of developing school-programs to teach green thinking and nature friendly lifestyle to kids already at an early age. The workshops brought up the necessity of reforming the tax-system to support the expansion of environmentfriendly production and ecologically intelligent design. 

Main problem according to the conference participants, is people's unwillingness to admit the problem: "The biggest challenge in Nepal is to make people acknowledge the waste issue. The majority of Nepalis just don't know how to recycle the waste nor how to reduce the amount that is distributed this year," explained Prabin Paudel, delegate from Nepal. He added that the conference was useful as it offered new contacts, ideas for sponsorships and practical solutions from other countries.

Joan Marc Simon from the "Zero Waste" movement, who gave a presentation at the conference, pointed out that 80% of the waste in the world can be reused or recycled and there are also possible solutions for the rest of it. According to Simon, the problem is not in the lack of necessary technology but rather the low awareness of people, insufficcient information and inadequate lawmaking and politics.

By now, Let's Do It! World Cleanup 2012 action has brought together activist leaders from 82 different countries. The aim of the movement is to initiate civic-led cleanup actions all over the world, to connect communities, people and organizations in action and raise global awareness about sustainable models and choices. 

Conclusions and outcomes of the four-day conference, which ends on sunday, are broadcasted via webpage and Let's Do It! World Cleanup 2012 Facebook page. 

The conference is sponsored by Enterprise Estonia, Open Estonia Foundation, The Rezidor Hotel Group, Carlson, Skype, Estonian Air, Rimi Baltic, Kalev, Elion, Tahe Kayaks and Hagar. 


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